Friday, March 23, 2012

Playground Fun!

We have been the recipients of beautiful weather here in NY state for the last few weeks.  Temperatures soaring into the upper 70s and sometimes even low 80s.  We've taken advantage of the weather and spent LOTS of time at the playground.  A few weeks ago we met my friend Shelly and her kiddos for a playdate.  I took tons of pictures and didn't even up with my that was salvageable.  My kids are definitely "photographers children".  They rarely look at the camera/stand still/smile.  It's all good, though.  They are still pretty cute.

My kids have the funniest eyebrows.  They always look like they are deep in thought

 My friend Shelly's son, Amicio (or, Ami for short)

He wouldn't look at the camera, so I had to work with what I had, and I ended up LOVING this photo

Again with the eyebrows
 Apparently her son does it, too!

Shelly's daughter, Kalysta

The sky as we headed home that night

Hee...I have this one framed and hanging on my wall

This was pretty much the ONLY decent one I got of my son that night.  He's got the thinking eyebrows, too.  This photo is hanging on my wall as well.

This is what most of the pictures of my son look like

These ones were from another trip to the playground.  My son loves the swings.

I think she looks like an angel in this picture

This one is now sitting in a frame on my desk.  Printed on metallic paper it literally GLOWS.  I love it.

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