Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trash the Dress

For anyone that doesn't know what "trash the dress" is, it's when you put on your wedding dress and just totally destroy it.  A lot of people won't do it because they have spent a lot of money on their wedding dress, and it has a lot of sentimental value.  I totally understand that.  This dress was actually my first wedding dress (I bought two of EVERYTHING when I got married.  I'm very indecisive.)  Anyway...I tried several times to sell this brand new with tags still attached dress and never got any interest.  So, I put it out there on Facebook and asked if anyone would be interested in trashing it and letting me photograph them while the trashing took place.  My friend Teresa jumped at the opportunity, and she is SUCH a fun-loving, easygoing person that I knew it would be a blast.  We met at her house and headed to her cousins house to take advantage of their beautiful property.  It was NOVEMBER, and as you can see from the sunny skies, a beautiful day.  I think the temps were about 60 degrees or so.  It was crazy.  

Rock. And. Roll.

Hands down, my favorite shot of the day.
If anyone else is interested in trashing a dress, let me know.  I have one in the works, but would love to do another.  Even a trash the (prom) dress.  Fun, fun!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Princess Mya Turns One!

I just realized I never blogged Mya's birthday party that was in September!!  I am so behind.  I have known Chris for about 13 years now, and his wife, Laura, is awesome.  They lucked out with beautiful weather, and the kids had so much fun.  They are now expecting a little prince in the next couple weeks.  I can't wait to meet him!

Family Session - *T* Family

I met Charlotte a few years ago when my family started attending Athens Wesleyan.  She's a wonderful woman and mom, and has turned into a good friend, as well.  I was honored to be able to spend an hour with her beautiful family.

Thanks so much for trusting me to capture your memories!  

Engagement/Famiily Session - *Misty & Mike*

Misty and I have known each other for five years and when she called me last May to tell me that Mike had popped the question I was so excited for her.  He's a great guy who makes her happy and treats her well, and that's what she deserves.  Obviously I offered to take engagement and family photos for them, but it took seven months for us to finally coordinate a date.  It was worth the wait, though, because the colors were ah-mazing!

LOVE this

Misty's gorgeous kids, Casey and Kelley.  Casey is my daughters best friend, and Kelley was born only a couple days after Julia.  We joke that they will get married someday.

The ring!

 Mike's son, Dylan

I love the lighting in this one.  Gorgeous!

Mike and his daughter, Ashley.  They're going to have to lock their doors in a few years.  ;)

Aren't they  just the cutest thing in the world???

Ashley and Dylan - gorgeous kids

What a beautiful family

Love this one of Misty and Casey
Looking forward to their wedding on July 21st.  Even if I'm in the wedding and not the photographer.  ;)  I love you guys!

Monday, February 27, 2012


The last few days have been really stressful in terms of my kids' attitudes.  My hubby and I decided we wanted to do something fun with them on Saturday, but we were limited on funds so we couldn't do the usual Chuck E Cheese, or the Science Center.  We decided on an "un-birthday" party instead.  If you've never had an un-birthday you should.  These things are fun, and fun is good.  (Sorry, we are on a Dr Seuss kick here, and I couldn't resist.)  Seriously, though, we had a great time.  It was a bit of a disorganized party since it was last minute and I hadn't done any prep beforehand.  ;)  My daughter helped me make the finger sandwiches while my hubby was at the store with my son getting decorations.  Then I made a cake and we blew up balloons.  The kids batted the balloons around the house, playing "keep the balloon off the floor", which, if I may say, is only the BEST childhood game EVER.  We also had cake for dinner.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

My daughter decorating her side.  She was very precise, and the pattern was "serious business", she said.

Checking out her brother's side

Humoring me.  She's so good at that.

My son decorating his side.  He wasn't as precise as his sister, but he was still very serious about it looking "just right."

It's so hard to capture a real smile with him when I have the camera

I love this one.  I think she looks so grown up, and it makes me smile and tear up at the same time.

One of the many faces of my son.

This is his "are you serious?  Get that darn camera out of my face" face.

The finished cake.  (Which, by the way, had three layers of blue cake underneath all that frosted, candied, sprinkled goodness.)

And that, my friends, is how you have an un-birthday party.