Friday, March 2, 2012

Jen and Rob - Family/Engagement

I have known Jen since high school and we reconnected on Facebook a couple years ago.  I love Facebook for that very reason!  Her son, Nick, is my sons age, and he is one of the most adorable boys in the world.  (Next to my son, of course.  ;)  Anyway, I was thrilled when Jen messaged me about photographing her September 8th wedding.  We were trying to plan out their engagement session when the flood hit.  Jen and Rob were some of the unlucky families whose house got hit, and because of that they lost so many photographs.  That was when we decided to do an engagement/family session.

I met them at Waverly Glen on a freezing morning in November.  It warmed up, and the light was beautiful, and until it got warm they were all troopers.  Rob also brought two of his sons (and their significant others) and his daughter from his first marriage.  I have known his daughter Ari for years, when her and my baby sister became friends.

It was great meeting up with you guys, and I am looking forward to September 8th!


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