Saturday, June 16, 2012

*S* Family & Lizzy Turns One

I met Valerie a little over a year ago.  Her husband, Tim, works with my husband, and our baby boys are only a week apart in age.  We started getting together for playdates when Val was still pregnant with Lizzy, and we became so close.  Lizzy was born with a condition called gastroschisis (I think that's what it is called.  Val, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.)  Anyway, the condition was so severe that Lizzy spent at least half of her first year of life in the hospital, away from her mom and dad and big brother.  This family has been through so much, I was thrilled when they asked me to do some family pictures to mark Lizzy's first birthday (a birthday that some doctors thought she would never reach.)  This little miracle baby has a long way to go, but her family has so much love for her, and she has so many people praying for her.  I feel truly honored that I got to be a part of their celebration of life.

Thank you, guys, for giving me the chance to capture these moments for you.  You are wonderful friends, and we are so blessed to call you our friends!

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  1. I love you! I'm so glad God brought our families together ! Thank you so much for using your gift to capture pictures we often times wondered if we would ever be able to see!